A Thank You and A Prayer For Your Labors

A Thank You and A Prayer For Your Labors

Travis expresses gratitude for you!

Show notes

Travis jumps on for a short episode to express his gratitude for you the listener and all those who support. He reminds everyone that it is suicide prevention month and the 988 Suicide Prevention Hotline. Travis also encourages everyone to join Team Ben and Travis for St. Jude this December in Memphis. You can support the cause here: https://fundraising.stjude.org/site/TR/Heroes/SJMMW?copy_link_share&fr_id=144988&pg=team&team_id=290221

He reminds everyone of the freebies found at benandtravis.com and reminds everyone of the 28 Days of Focused Living Challenge at facebook.com/groups/benandtravis.

He mentions the different ways you can support that begins first with prayer: benandtravis.com/give, benandtravis.com/store, and patreon.com/benandtravis. He give all of our patreon supporters a shoutout followed by a prayer to end the episode.

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